Happy Birthday mom… feb’ 3

today she’s so pretty, pretty although the time make she hazy from the young time formerly.

i remember when she says, pity roger somebody that like u’r self, not another person. i still remember that words in my mind.
she’s ever tell it to me about her dream to me. formerly when i’m still in her pregnancy.
she say i see many stars in the night. and come a old grandfather speaks to me. sonny chooses star whom you like. later, that will be your manual at time will come.
then i answer. that is grandfather, boldest and big at that sky.
then that grandfather answers. yes sonny. guide him so that he can be star such as those which you will want. that will happen later.
that’s all she tell it to me.
ever emerge hesitation in my heart after i hear the story.
is that me?
shall i success to realize it?
how otherwise?

in my heart whispers intermittent long that hesitation. mom, i shall try, always pray for u’r child.

now, up to today. i am not yet be star likes as her dreams.
today’s her anniversary. half century she has feeled alive has been internationalised this. sad difficult and glad in the alive struggle at tell it to me.
hopes it’ll be my standard in my life later.
today mom, i shall try to be such as those which you want.
i shall try harder again and make you to smile and proud of myself presence at side of you.
bear with me mom. pray your child always.
always love you and happy birthday

this is my life, this is my story, all story about me and her.. she always the best in my heart
Happy Birthday mom… feb’ 3